This Week: “Fryte’s Gold” Redux

This Friday, your chance to get caught up on “Fryte’s Gold” in case you missed it the first time around.

The cover of "Fryte's Gold."

This past Friday, we closed out the latest (technically, “first”; it’s a prequel) Realmgard story with the epilogue of The Valley of Appraisal. And, this week, I’m going to be trying something new.

Instead of starting with the next Realmgard story (which is, incidentally, Forward, the Lyte Brigade), I’m going to be revisiting the first Realmgard story, Fryte’s Gold.

Admittedly, the decision is about 20% me playing for time in regards to getting the next couple Realmgard stories in order. However, it is mostly the result of the fact that I’ve been getting more followers here, on Facebook, and on Instagram especially in comparison to went I first started posting my stories.

Essentially, this is an experiment to see if I can get more eyes on my stuff now than I did the year or so ago I started posting weekly chapters.

So, maybe tell all your friends?

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