WIP: A Newer, Better Scarlet Mendez

“And you call her Scarlet, despite the fact that she’s OBVIOUSLY wearing purple.”

A preliminary drawing of Realmgard character Scarlet.

Admittedly, this is a little belated given that Scarlet’s a major character in The Valley of Appraisal and I finished Valley on Friday, but here’s a mostly-done Scarlet Mendez.

First thing worth noting: yes, it’s usually spelled “Scarlett” (two t‘s); no, it’s not spelled wrong. This Scarlet is explicitly named for the colour — well, technically, named for a guy named for the colour…

Second thing to note, I can’t recall if I’ve ever explicitly mentioned it in any of the stories so far, but Scarlet’s family is supposed to be from the Circle Sea, which is Terrace’s equivalent of the Caribbean. Though her own personal history is somewhat complicated by the fact that she’s the child of a single mother (Mendez is her mother’s family name) and I haven’t decided on who her father is.

Fun fact: I got the idea for a female spellcaster named Scarlet from one of the possible randomly-generated names for the Sorceress in Dragon’s Crown being “Scarlett”, though there admittedly isn’t much in common between Sorceress and Scarlet beyond the letter S and wearing a brimmed hat (though Scarlet’s hat is explicitly not a witch’s hat).

I still hate drawing hands, but I think I’m finally managing to hammer out a method that can actually get them kinda decent. Overall, I actually really like this version of Scarlet, she just needs a few touch-ups to her line art and colours.

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