Reminder: “Fryte’s Gold” Redux Tomorrow

Tomorrow: “Fryte’s Gold.” Again.

A reminder that I’ll be posting chapters of Fryte’s Gold again starting tomorrow.

To hype that up, here’s this… I’m really sure what it is. The short version is that it’s an attempt at both making a background that looks like water and writing a sort of Star Wars-ian opening expository text.

It’s, uh, it’s not nearly as impressive as a still image compared to cinema, but, hey it serves its purpose of reminding you to read Fryte’s Gold.

Some text to hype up "Fryte's Gold."

If you can’t read that image for whatever reason, here’s the same text as, um, text:

“Once, Captain Jonathan Fryte was feared as the greatest pirate in all of Realmgard. Now, more than a hundred years later, they still tell stories about his lost treasure, a great haul of gold beyond imagining.

No-one has ever found it.

Enter the Sisters Darkstone, the young pirate Dunstana and the freelance adventurer Kat. This dauntless pair is no stranger to adventure or the perils lurking in Realmgard.

With a lot of courage and a little luck, these sisters may just be the first to find the resting place of Fryte’s Gold.”

So stayed tuned for another round of Fryte’s Gold starting tomorrow. Also, check out my other stories here and my social media and email list here:

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