The New(er) Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Captain Jonathan Fryte

I can’t see how this could possibly be considered a spoiler, considering his names in the title, but proceed with caution if you want to know absolutely nothing about “Fryte’s Gold.”

Captain Jonathan Fryte

Captain Fryte had lived about a hundred years ago and had been one of the most successful and famous pirates of his day. And ever, for that matter … he’s at least famous enough that Kat, who was never cared about pirates, knows who he is.

A picture of Jonathan Fryte standing with his treasure.
Jonathan Fryte

Captain Jonathan Fryte did not choose a pirate’s life. The pirate’s life chose him.

Gifted with magic from a young age, Fryte originally intended to pursue a career in the magical arts. However, while travelling to the Magological Academy, Fryte was kidnapped by pirates.

What followed was not expected by any of the parties involved.

Aware of Fryte hailing from a well-to-do merchant family, the pirates intended to hold him for ransom. However, he quickly won over much of the crew with his natural charm and magnetic personality. Able to induce a mutiny against their captain the young Fryte thus found himself leading the pirates that had previously abducted him.

Fryte soon developed a taste for life at sea and set aside his former magical ambitions, turning pirate and never looking back. The daring, charismatic Fryte quickly amassed many new crew members and soon became the leader of a sizeable armada of pirate ships.

Relying on his tactical acumen, charismatic leadership, aptitude with magic — and, of course, superior firepower, Fryte became one of the most powerful leaders in northeast Realmgard, pirate or otherwise.

In addition plundering and raiding far and wide, Fryte was also frequently hired into the service of many of the coastal kingdoms and cities of Realmgard to safeguard their trade routes and territory from being plundered and raided by other pirates.

Or paid off to dissuade him from plundering them himself.

Thus, it is widely believed that Fryte became the single richest pirate in the history of Realmgard, and stories of his hidden treasure vaults began even within his own lifetime.

The exact course of events remains uncertain and debated by historians, but Fryte ultimately found himself the target of the ire of the reigning Prince of Porthaven.

Some say that the Prince wished to learn the location of Fryte’s great treasure and claim it for himself. Others say that the Prince sought revenge for a dishonorable surprise attack by Fryte after a promise of peace. Ribald tavern songs hold that Fryte eloped with the Prince’s daughter.

Whatever the reason, Fryte quickly became the target of one of the largest manhunts in Realmgard’s history, finding the combined naval might of many of the Free Cities bearing down upon him.

Ultimately, Fryte was apprehended by a boarding party from the Musketeer Guard of Porthaven led by his own sister, Catherine Fryte and he was subsequently hanged at Porthaven — without ever divulging the location of his treasure.

The most common version of the tale is that Catherine Fryte defeated her brother in a fierce sword fight on the deck of his burning flagship. Ironically, Fryte had named his flagship the Catherine after his sister.

Though Captain Jonathan Fryte’s biography ends at the gallows, his legend continued to grow long after his death. Though his exploits have been exaggerated in the decades after his death – in popular folktales, Captain Fryte is credited with such feats as sailing around the world fifteen times, subduing a monstrous shark with no more than his magic and his bare hands, and the invention of mayonnaise.

The most enduring story about Captain Fryte is that of his hidden treasure, which many have sought after, though none has ever succeeded in finding it.

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