(G)O(al) Canada

A major moment for Canadian soccer — or, as they call it in certain countries, ‘soccer.’

Now, I’m not usually one to really care about sports

Simpsons memes notwithstanding….
The Simpsons: Gracie Films and Disney.

— but we witnessed history today with Canada’s national soccer (or, as they call it in certain countries, ‘soccer’) team‘s 4-0 victory over Jamaica (sidebar: “Reggae Boyz” is no “Eagles of Carthage” or “Samurai Blue“, but is in my top five national soccer team nicknames) and subsequent clinching of a berth to the World Cup.

A Canada flag in front of some wooded mountains.
Photo by Daniel Joseph Petty on Pexels.com

This is significant because it marks Canada’s first appearance in the World Cup since 1986 (they lost every game, didn’t score a goal and came last in their group) and signifies the first time that Canada’s men’s soccer team has been good since, well, basically forever.

Long story short: this is a generational moment for a nation of soccer fans and a resounding demonstration of the growth of the sport in Canada.

Which is, of course, a big deal because I’ve never been shy about making known the fact that I am myself Canadian.


So, let us all celebrate Canada’s triumphant entry into the 2022 World Cup by reliving the triumphant official theme song of the 1998 World Cup and the dizzying heights of Ricky Martin‘s late-90s popularity:

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