Re-Commendation: Pro Wrestling

To celebrate that it’s WrestleMania week, a reintroduction to the only sport I care about

I’ve previously mentioned that I’m not really into sports.

Simpsons memes notwithstanding….
The Simpsons: Gracie Films and Disney.

Sports entertainment, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. I’ve following Pro Wrestling pretty religiously since I was in middle school.

Essentially, Pro Wrestling is the only sport I care about. Well, that and Professional Darts

Let me get this out of the way. Yes, I’m aware Wrestling is fake. No, I don’t care. That just means it’s not really different from any other form of Fiction.

It’s not hard to see the influence of Pro Wrestling, both the actual sport and the associated jargon on my writing.

Also worth noting that when I was in a Professional Writing course a couple years ago, I wrote about half of my assignments about Wrestling. It was awesome.

Consider the following:

You will recall, I hope, that I’ve frequently made use of an image of a grinning Dunstana Darkstone giving a thumbs-up numerous times right here — on! — in what is referred to as a ‘cheap pop’.

Dunstana Darkstone grinning and giving a thumb-up. Right here, on!
This very one.

For reference, the “Right here in [place]”, goofy grin, thumbs-up formula comes from beloved Wrestling icon and man who has either fallen off or through a whole lot of things (and New York Times bestselling author) Mick Foley.


It should make my allegiances perfectly clear to say that I can schedule my wardrobe so that I can wear nothing but Wrestling shirts indefinitely: six shirts for the first six days, another for laundry day, plus a couple back-ups, wash the first six, repeat.

Now, if I’ve piqued your interest about the one true Sport of Kings, my full recommendation is here:

And in anticipation of WrestleMania this weekend, here’s a selection of great moments in WrestleMania history:

And so on.

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