RealmgART: Lucia Tormalina

Tiny umbrella continues to ease the pain.

Lucia leaning against a cafe counter with a drink.

I’m still noticing a lot of my own shortcomings in my drawing technique, but I’ve managed to mitigate most of the glaring issues with the previous picture of Lucia.

I think what I need to learn next is clothes. She’s supposed to be wearing, like, an overcoat that’s longer at the back. It looks like a baseball jersey.

Also, the yellow boots are a shout-out to Tom Bombadil.

On the more positive note, I’ve finally settled on a last name for her. Tormalina is the Italian word for the gemstone tourmaline, which is one of the gemstones capable of displaying the cat’s-eye effect, which is supposed to indicate, however obliquely, that, as a lynx, she literally has cat’s eyes. I realised that I wanted to take that route pretty quickly, but most of the words or phrases that denoted that more directly didn’t work as well as names.

Next up, better artworks of the other two ladies of Middlesbrooke.

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