One Last Reminder: Strong Women of Fantasy & Sci Fi Giveaway

Still not too late to support some talented authors and get a chance to win some free stuff.

Promotional material for the Strong Women of Fantasy and Sci Fi giveaway.
US residents only.

According to the countdown on the website, you’ve got about 4 days and 6 hours left to take part in the Strong Women of Fantasy & Sci Fi Giveaway I’m involved in — I think that’s sometime Friday.

If you haven’t entered yet, why not? there’s still time to support me and some other talented authors by following us via the giveaway page. Every author you follow increases your chances of winning the giveaway and coming away with some pretty cool free stuff.

I’m signed up to take part in another similar, but differently-themed giveaway like this in the near future and I’ll inform you all when that one goes live.

On behalf of myself and all the other authors involved in the giveaway, thanks for your support and please consider supporting us in the future via other giveaways like this.

You can also follow me directly via my social media or my email list here:

Success! You're on the list.

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