An Encyclopedia Realmgardica Every Day in May: Estelle Darkstone

Eldest daughter (of seven) of famous Porthaven-based merchant Erasmus Winfield and heir apparent to the Winfield and Sons Emporium.

In hindsight, I probably should have kept the most plot-relevant Realmgard mother until tomorrow, what with it meaning Mother’s Day, and all.

But, also, I wanted Week 1 to focus on the Sisters Darkstone and friends/family, so keeping Estelle for Mother’s Day would have disrupted that rhythm.

Note to self: find another Mom character for tomorrow…

Estelle Darkstone
(née Winfield)

“I’m not afraid of you, old lady.”

“You should be. I married a Darkstone, and I suppose I’ve picked up a few tricks.”

Estelle Darkstone with a pen, ledger and coins, doing some accouting.
Age: 38
Occupation: Outfitter, Working Mom
Likes: Her family, business acumen
Dislikes: her family being mortally imperilled
Parents: Erasmus and Eden Winfield
Sisters: Esther, Elise, Erica, Emily, Erin, and Echo Winfield
Husband: Dorian Darkstone
Daughters: Kat and Dunstana
Lowest prices in: the Outfitting District of Porthaven
Not adverse to: having an adventure of her own every now and then
Thinks you should probably: put on a sweater, it’s getting a little chilly

Eldest daughter (of seven) of famous Porthaven-based merchant Erasmus Winfield and heir apparent to the Winfield and Sons Emporium, Estelle has spent the vast majority of her life learning the merchant’s trade and preparing herself to take over the Winfield and Sons Emporium, despite being neither a Son, nor technically even a Winfield at this point.

In recent years as Erasmus prepares to retire, Estelle has done the lion’s share of managing the Emporium and a staff consisting largely of her seven younger sisters and elder daughter. Leadership and responsibility come naturally to Estelle thanks to extensive experience as an eldest sister and mother.

Though her decision to marry a notorious pirate bewildered many of her friends, her marriage to Dorian Darkstone has proven happy and loving and has given them two daughters, Kat and Dunstana. Despite her obligations running the Emporium, Estelle always prioritises her family and home life.

Outwardly calm and dignified, Estelle will occasional allow her businesslike facade to slip, revealing her inward sense of humour and adventure.

Similarly, she is fiercely protective of her loved ones and will respond to any threats with a ferocity comparable to that of a mother bear with swords for hands and other, smaller swords for fingers, and a repertoire of dirty tactics learned from her husband and his piratical associates.

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