An Encyclopedia Realmgardica Every Day in May: Petra of Fulminata

Plus, a bonus picture of what she’d look like with short hair.

Petra of Fulminata

“As an Amazon, I am always expecting trouble. For example, that waterlemon seller may secretly be an assassin with weapons concealed inside his waterlemons. I shall keep an eye on him, just in case.”

Petra of Fulminata posing heroically.

Age: 20
Occupation: Amazon warrior, adventurer, amateur artist
Likes: Spirited competition, arts & crafts
Dislikes: complaining, making herself the centre of attention

Mother: Aelia of Fulminata
Father: Torvald van de Trollen

Fists: the size of hams and heavy as boulders
Not very: good at drawing, but still enjoys it
Expects: the unexpected

One of the exceedingly few Half-Troll Amazons to exist in Realmgard, Petra of Fulminata is accustomed to not fitting in — both literally and figuratively.

The widely-travelled daughter of a Troll geographer and writer and an Amazon merchant, Petra has encountered few doors or pieces of furniture built for a woman of her stature, even the Amazon Decapolis often fails to account for Amazons of Troll ancestry and the cities of her father’s people rarely account for Trolls of Amazon descent. Though not entirely friendless in her early years, Petra nevertheless found herself facing issues and obstacles not shared by other Amazon girls.

While many young Amazons chose adventuring careers, the choice was particularly easy for Petra. As an adventurer, Petra has fallen in with the Natalian Wilderling adventurer Lucia Tormalina and the Aurorean Sorceress Apolline Castor, whom she now counts as her dearest friends.

Despite her towering stature, Petra dislikes drawing attention to herself, preferring to allow her friends to do most of the talking.

Petra is the powerhouse of the trio, her combined Amazon and Troll descent giving her both a towering stature and impressive strength. Petra retains her Troll ancestors’ affinity for rock and stone and is able to magically take on the characteristics of stone, allowing her to supplement her already impressive fighting ability by striking with the weight of boulders raining down on her enemies.

Like all Amazons, Petra received a comprehensive formal education as a girl, learning much about both academic subjects and military matters. She possesses a keen strategic mind in addition to her raw strength and power.

In her free time, Petra enjoys drawing and painting, always hoping, as in all things, to improve her abilities through constant practice.

As a bonus unrelated to the rest of this entry, here’s an alternate view of Petra with short hair, which I like in a vacuum, but which I don’t think really jives with the Greco-Roman aesthetic I’m going for with the Amazons.

Petra, with short hair.

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