An Encyclopedia Realmgardica Every Day in May: Alda von Middlesbrooke

Hi, Alda.

Alda von Middlesbrooke

“I’ve always wanted to be an adventurer!”

“When you were little, you wanted to be a Turboshark.”

“I did not.”

Alda von Middlesbrooke, smiling and waving.

Age: 12
Occupation: student of alchemy, associate adventurer
Likes: her brother, books Turbosharks, the Three Ladies of Middlesbrooke
Dislikes: rats, when Roland does something stupid

Adopted brother: Roland
Guardian: Duke Charles of Middlesbrooke

A much better student: than her brother
Made a volcano: with minimal adult assistance
Current tally of stupid things Roland has done: 7,356

After spending her early life under the care of her adopted older brother Roland, Alda von Middlesbrooke has since been taken in as a ward of Duke Charles of Middlesbrooke. Alda is young enough that she remembers little of her life before been taken in by Duke Charles beyond the constant presence and help of her brother. Though not biologically related, Roland and Alda view each other as real siblings and true family — though they have also embraced the Duke as their father figure and his own biological children as an extended family.

Unlike her brother, Alda eagerly embraced the education provided by the Duke in the form of tutors and trainers from throughout Middlesbrooke and across Realmgard and proved a capable student with a wide array of academic interests. Like Roland, Alda has displayed a particular interest in the subject of alchemy and the two bond over their shared interest — with Roland tending to just try new things and see what happens while Alda often refers back to their previous lessons for instruction.

Having an ample supply of adventure stories in the Duke’s library, Alda is beginning to consider an adventuring career when she’s old enough and has decided to make the most of her brother’s recent acquaintance of the female adventurers Lucia, Petra, and Apolline and insists on being as involved as possible in their adventurous affairs, having been granted special status by Duke Charles as an official associate of their group.

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