Encyclopedia Realmgardica Every Day in May: Week Four (plus three days)

One last week. Plus, three days.

Closing out my month-long worldbuilding exercise with week four of my Encyclopedia Realmgardica entries, plus the last three days to round out the month.

The first seven days are the Middlesbrooke-related characters, and then the last three days are characters I couldn’t fit neatly anywhere beforehand.

Also, if you missed them, the past weeks are here, here, and here.

May 22: Lucia Tormalina

May 23: Petra of Fulminata

May 24: Apolline Castor

May 25: Roland von Middlesbrooke

May 26: Alda von Middlesbrooke

May 27: Duke Charles of Middlesbrooke

May 28: Agricola

May 29: Jonas Darkstone

May 30: Peri Darkstone

May 31: Melisa Grevling

Thanks for following along with me all month as I’ve fleshed out the characters of Realmgard. Look forward to more art, worldbuilding and, course, a chapter every Friday.

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