May Encyclopedia Realmgardica

The results of my month-long worldbuilding exercise.

Portraits of 31 Realmgard characters.

First things first, here’s art of the 31 characters who got Encyclopedias this month. The picture ended up being a bit of a pain, largely because 31 is a prime number (note to self: do this in February next year). There may have been a better way to organise the pictures, but I have neither the patience nor the STEM aptitude to work it out and/or completely reorganise the layout.

All in all, though, it’s a least a bad execution of a good idea.

If you’re curious about this characters, or just want to see bigger, clearer versions of those pictures, all 31 May Encylopedia Realmgardica entries are below.

May 1: Dunstana Darkstone

May 2: Kat Darkstone

May 3: Amara Valda

May 4: Scarlet Mendez

May 5: Annie Darkstone

May 6: Ginger Breadman

May 7: Estelle Darkstone

May 8: Eleonora Strahlend

May 9: Nolan Lyte

May 10: Matilda Lyte

May 11: Pela Strahlend

May 12: Tancred von Ivanhoe-Hauteburg

May 13: Falcata of Theophano

May 14: Sally Lyte

Week One is here.

Week Two is here.

Week Three is focusing on the pirates of Realmgard.

May 15: Dorian Darkstone

May 16: “Plaid” Jack Rackman

May 17: Mariposa Mendez

May 18: Myra Morningstar

May 19: Jimena Orceador

May 20: Guillaume d’Arquestone

May 21: Skragsgar the Slayer

May 22: Lucia Tormalina

May 23: Petra of Fulminata

May 24: Apolline Castor

May 25: Roland von Middlesbrooke

May 26: Alda von Middlesbrooke

May 27: Duke Charles of Middlesbrooke

May 28: Agricola

May 29: Jonas Darkstone

May 30: Peri Darkstone

May 31: Melisa Grevling

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