RealmgART: Fish-on-a-stick

Porthaven’s Number-One Favourite Snack Food!

A fish-on-a-stick.

Since fish-on-a-stick are somewhere between a noted, if fairly minor aspect of the Realmgard lore and a running gag in my stories and because there’s more than a few of them in this week’s chapter, I decide to draw one.

Also, I grew up during the 99s with an older brother who was into Alternative music, I know about Korn, but ever really listened to Korn. I bring this up because I know that one of Korn’s more popular songs is “Freak on a Leash.”

I bring this up because I thought there might be a reference to be made here, but I couldn’t think of anything more insightful than replacing “Freak” with “fish” and “Leash” with “stick”…

Also, I don’t keep up with much Pop Culture, so 90s nu metal is probably the most topical you’re going to get from me.

But, seriously, though, how ’bout that dial-up Internet? VHS tapes? Super Nintendos? East Germany?

Hmm. No?

Well, shoot.

If, uh, if anyone wants to brief me on the last 30 years of so of Pop Culture, that’d be swell.


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