Progress Report: The Alchemist of Middlesbrooke

Also, some other stuff.

I’m currently working my way through the one last major revision/expansion of The Alchemist of Middlesbrooke and all in all, it’s going well. Realistically, I could have it done tonight, but I may have something coming up to deal with first.

From there, it’s a matter of edits and minor revisions. That’s probably not going to start until at least next week and is always the most-drawn out part of the process.

It’s probably not going to be done before the end of the summer, but unless things go somewhere crazy, or I end up falling into a new job in the near future, I guarantee that it will be ready before the end of 2022 [legal note: not a binding guarantee].

What I am hoping to have ready before the end of the summer is the improved version of The Sisters Darkstone. That process kinda stalled when I realised my plan to get it for my niece’s birthday wasn’t going to pan out. While she does like pirates, and actually learned about pirates towards the end of the school year, she’s not really a reader yet. And, like, it’s her birthday, and I want her to be happy.

Mission accomplished, I think, given that her reaction to seeing the Encanto Lego set I’m getting her on Amazon was “Oh! I want it! I want it! I want it!”

But I do still recognise the need for a better Sisters Darkstone, it’s just the process is a pain and I’m struggling to get the motivation to do it.

See, the tangible benefit of being a Real-Published author is that somebody else handles all of this for you…

Luckily, as tedious as it is, it’s not hard, so I’m still optimistic that I can get it done once I actually forced myself to sit down and do it.

Also, the second Realmgard compilation book, collecting the next three stories: Valley of Appraisal, Forward, and Charge will also be done at some point in the nearish future. I’m thinking Fall or early Winter, if Sisters Darkstone is coming before the end of the summer.

Finally, I’ll have my, uh, final Star Wars write-up ready to go soon. I need to close out Last Jedi and then watch Rise of Skywalker.

In the meantime, here’s my first three:

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