Reminder: New Chapter Tomorrow

With a special guest appearance by Canada’s greatest export.

Well, I used the word “remind”, you know where I’m going with this:

Which is to say, do actually have something to remind you of. It’s Thursday, which means it’s about to me Friday, which means I’ll be posting the next chapter of Forward, the Lyte Brigade.

If if you missed it, catch up on the last chapter:

“Do you know how many adventures I’ve had? None! Do you know how many Guild Authority general meetings and town halls I’ve been to?”

Kat silently shrugs.

“Neither do I,” Amara concedes. “I haven’t been counting. But, still. Too many. Frankly, it’s ridiculous.”

She heaves a ragged sigh.

“What am I doing wrong, Katherine?”

“Everybody has to start somewhere, Amara,” Kat assures her. “It takes time to get things done with the Guild Authority. You don’t just become a top adventurer overnight.”

The whole thing, by the way, is here.

And the previous chapters, if you missed any of them, are listed below:

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