Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Alveric von Strom

There is no force on the Powers’ green earth greater than a proud man driven to vexation.

Alveric von Strom

There is no force on the Powers’ green earth greater than a proud man driven to vexation.

A picture of Realmgard character Alveric von Strom, a man with long black hair in a highwayman outfit.

Age: 30
Occupation: Alchemist, highwayman, excessively proud man driven to extremes
Likes: alchemy, acknowledge, the sheer, overawing weight of his innate talent
Dislikes: Constantine von Braidford, competition that doesn’t have the good sense to just roll over and let him win

Father: Alvis von Strom
Mother: Gaudiosa von Strom
Trusted Second: Chauncey

Reigning, defending, repeat: alchemical champion of Middlesbrooke
Greatest strength: humility and self-awareness
The above should be: read with the utmost irony

The self-proclaimed best and greatest alchemist in the Duchy of Middlesbrooke, Alveric Mirabelle von Strom takes his title and his honour as an alchemist with the utmost seriousness and is willing to respond to any slights to his honour with the utmost severity.

A longtime alchemical rival of mainstay of Middlesbrooke’s alchemical community Constantine von Braidford, Alveric views the older alchemist as his foremost adversary and the single greatest threat to repeating as champion in the Duchy’s annual alchemy contest.

In fact, Alveric views Constantine von Braidford as such a clear and obvious challenge to his continued recognition as the best alchemy in the Duchy that he sees no choice but to make a highwayman of himself to sabotage the older alchemist’s attempts to win the annual competition.

Though a nobleman of Middlesbrooke, Alveric is not above associating with the Duchy’s renegades and villains, viewing them as a useful blunt object to wield against his rivals and relying upon them to do the dirty work to which Alveric himself would never stoop.

First among these is Chauncey, a career criminal in the Duchy whom Alveric has appointed as his effective lieutenant, trusted second, and intermediary with the rougher elements of the Duchy’s population.

Despite the differences in their stations, Chauncey is one of the few people in the Duchy of Middlesbrooke whom Alveric views with any semblance of trust or respect.

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