Writing Every Day in August: Week 2

J.B. Norman vs. the Distractions of Cottage Week.

That’s two weeks down, not quite half of August, and at this point I’m mostly impressed I was able to work as well during Cottage Week as I did.

So, here’s the results of the week that was:

August 8 – Dunstana vs. Captain Goblinbeard

August 9 – In the Hall of the Mountain Toad

August 10 – Kat & the Two Addies

August 11 – Lena Goblinbeard vs. Captain Goblinbeard

August 12 – The Women of the Lyte Brigade vs. Flaky, Delicious Pastry

August 13 Lucia vs. Roland & Lucia’s Parents

August 14 – The Gal-chemist of Middlesbrooke

Also, a reminder to check out this week’s chapter of Forward, the Lyte Brigade:

Moving right along with my August writing exercises, follow along to make sure you don’t miss out on the rest of the month, or on anything else Realmgard-related:

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