Writing Every Day in August: Week 3

For some reason, it was really hard to track down that “August 3” image…

Closed out the third week of my month-long daily writing exercise. So far, so good.

Incidentally, you can catch up the first two weeks here:

And catch up on this most recent week below:

August 15 — The Yurt Locker

August 16Coat of Plates

August 17 — Amara’s actually been a colossal nerd this whole time

August 18 — Kat vs. Amara vs. the designers of Coat of Plates

August 19 — The Lyte Brigade goes shopping

August 20 — The return of the Bandits of Golharbour

August 21 — MOTHer

So, that’s three weeks down and another ten days to go (which I will post all together counting as a “week” for the next recap). Follow along to make sure you don’t miss any of my August writings, or anything else Realmgard:

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