Writing Every Day in August: “Week” 4

Well, technically, ten days…

Earlier today, I closed out my August-long daily writing exercises with one last appearance by Dude Manguy story.

To recap, here are the first three weeks:

August 22 – Captain Goblinbeard and his

much put-upon paymaster

August 23 — Indigo Grimsby

August 24 — The greatest shogi on Earth
(well, Terrace — but, you know…)

August 25 — Kat’s looking rather SamurEye-catching

August 26 — The roast of the Lyte Brigade

August 27 — Kat vs. Amara, Tancred, and Art & the Opera

August 28 — Petra & the constructive critiques

of the Peri-Sophonian Brotherhood

August 29 — Fighting evil by moonlight,

chopping brains… also by moonlight

August 30 — Yet further Brain Chopping

August 31 — Amara vs. the Complete Krimson Katja

And that’s August 2022. I’m hoping to do another one of these in Q4 of the year.

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