Happy Labour Day!

Happy last day of summer!

Welp, Summer 2022 is basically closed out.

Yeah, yeah. I’m not happy about it, either…

But it is Labour Day.

A rack of tools.
Photo by Kim Stiver on Pexels.com

So, let us all wear our best white clothes enjoy what is essentially the last day of summer before we take the plunge back into real life — whether that be work, trying to find work, school, dealing with kids in school, or whatever else unfun but necessary things we must put up with.

Also, if you feel like reliving the summer, you can also check out my August 2022 Daily Writing exercises:

And even though the summer’s coming to an end, it’s not all bad, you can sign up for the Percy Jackson give-away I’m involved in.

Promotional art for a "Percy Jackson" themed giveaway.
This is the link you want to click.

And if you’ve got some quiet moments to yourself in the fall, why not start reading or re-reading my Realmgard stories, for free, right here…

Dunstana Darkstone grinning and giving a thumbs-up.

… on realmgard.com!

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