Weekend Updates

In brief, here’s the state of Realmgard as of this weekend.

In brief, here’s the state of Realmgard as of this weekend:

  • Still waiting on the first round of edits for Alchemist of Middlesbrooke.
  • I finished laying out the revised manuscript of Sisters Darkstone, but had some issues transferring it back and forth between Pages and Word that basically meant I had to re-do all of the layout. It sucked, but it’s presentable again. Now, I’m going to proofread it over the next little while. There really should only be minor things like -‘s that should be —’s…
  • I tried reaching out to find artists to do the cover of this new Sisters Darkstone but pretty much came up empty. At this point, I don’t really have the time or disposable income to get someone else to do it, so I’ll probably just do it myself. Again. At least for the first version of this, um, version. Good news: while I’m not really that artistically talented, I do enjoy doing book covers.
  • Incidentally, if anybody knows anybody who might be willing to do me a book cover, let me know, please.
  • I’m in the very early stages of putting together the next three-story compilation and hoping to have that up and ready by the end of 2022.
  • Since Forward, the Lyte Brigade has now concluded, I’m going to put together the story page for it. Could be ready later today, definitely by the end of the weekend.
  • I’m not entirely decided on what story I’ll start posting this weekend. I think I might need to play for time and re-post the chapters of an old story.

Also, I’m involved in a Percy Jackson-themed giveaway that’s running for another month and a bit:

Promotional art for a "Percy Jackson" themed giveaway.
Sign-up and full rules here. Open to US residents only.

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