Get to Know the Lyte Brigade

Well, since we’ve just wrapped up the first Lyte Brigade story and we’re about to start the second, now seems like a good time to meet the six members.

Well, since we’ve just wrapped up the first Lyte Brigade story and we’re about to start the second, now seems like a good time to meet the six members.

The Dauntless Leader

Nolan Lyte.
Meesed to pleat you, Nolan.

Age: 16

Occupation: Guild Captain of the Lyte Brigade

Likes: Hard work, rules and regulations, training exercises, thinking up new forms of said

Dislikes: bureaucracy, having his ambitious vexed and foiled, people who insist that his name is supposed to be spelled “Light”

“However, growing up hearing his grandfather Theophilus Lyte — one of the most famous adventurers and Guild Captains in Porthaven’s history — Nolan began to dream of greater things than fish-on-a-stick.

Though it took some doing, Nolan was ultimately able to convince his parents to allow him to pursue a career in adventuring like his grandfather. Unfortunately, Nolan’s career took an unexpected twist almost before it even got started. His grandfather’s recent retirement has caused the famous Lyte Brigade to be disbanded.”

The Vice-Dauntless Leader

Matilda Lyte giving Sally a piggyback ride.
Seen here wondering why younger siblings happen to good people.

Age: 21

Occupation: Assistant Captain of the Lyte Brigade

Likes: having the best hair in Porthaven, developing a care routine to ensure it stays that way, opportunities to
make use of her talents

Dislikes: the service industry, getting gross smells in her hair, Nolan being the way he is sometimes

“Though never previously particularly interested in pursuing an adventuring career, Matilda leapt at the chance to join her brother’s newly re-established Lyte Brigade, reasoning that just about any other potential career would be superior to continuing to work at her parents’ inn — especially in light of the fact of her parents having five other children to continue working for them.

Matilda has proven a capable adventurer and qualified for her Adventuring Licence with marks above the Guild Authority’s average candidate. Subsequently, Matilda has claimed the role of the Lyte Brigade’s Assistant Captain — a position she is somewhat vexed to learn does not entail a higher rate of pay.”

The Demoiselle

Amara Valda.
Her hobbies include standing in front of watermelons.

Age: 15

Occupation: debutante, professional Best Friend

Likes: Kat, etiquette, fashion, noblesse oblige

Dislikes: the ill-mannered, bandits, not having a mother

“Despite appearing aloof (and occasionally hostile), Amara has a keen sense of charity and civic duty, earnestly believing that it is her duty as a privileged noble to help others and better the world around her.

Amara prides herself on being well-connected, boasting of knowing everyone worth knowing in both Porthaven and Goldharbour (the traditional hometown of her family). These connections, coupled with her ability to make new connections, serve her well in her ambitions to do right by the people of Porthaven.”

The Aristocrat

Tancred von Ivanhoe-Hauteburg in a rather fetching hat.
And his stylish new hat.


Age: 19

Occupation: Lyte Brigade Member, Knight, Unwilling Genealogical Expert

Likes: Chivalry, noble upright conduct, swords

Dislikes: His grandfather’s “help” in learning the family history, his mother’s “help” in shopping for clothes, that one bust of Cousin Eleutherius in the hallway.

“As the son of a prominent margrave, Tancred is entitled to a knighthood and is properly Sir Tancred etc, etc von-Ivanhoeburg. However, at this point in the family history, such a knighthood is primarily honorary and brings with it little true privilege beyond the prestige such a title brings with it.

It is nevertheless a constant reminder of Tancred’s noble lineage.

This is a fact of which Tancred is acutely and inescapably aware, thanks to the ceaseless efforts of his grandfather. Having abdicated the responsibilities of the margravate, Tancred’s grandfather Frederick has since devoted his time to chronicling the family history and subsequently relaying said history frequently and at length to Tancred.”

The One Statistically Least Likely To be Struck by Lightning

Pela Strahlend.
Technically, it’s an arbalest.


Age: 18

Occupation: Lyte Brigade Member, Professional Short Person

Likes: Adventure, adventure stories, traditional Dwarven handicrafts, feeling tall by comparison around children

Dislikes: Tall shelves, the phrase “I didn’t see you down there.”

“From a young age, Pela has found solace in books — though her favourite books at the Porthaven Central Library have an unfortunate tendency to be found on the taller shelves. Inspired by the adventure stories found at the Library and written by her mother, Pela decided to pursue an adventuring career.

As with most aspects of daily life in Porthaven, this has been complicated by her shortness. Many of the guilds in Porthaven have minimum height requirements.

Luckily, the recent re-establishment of the Lyte Brigade without any such requirements has allowed Pela to begin her adventuring career in earnest. That one of her new guildmates is a towering Amazon warrior is an unexpected bonus, as the possibility of finding a vantage point perched on Falcata’s shoulders allows her opportunities to experience tallness.”

The Juggernaut

Falcata of Theophano.
Please don’t feel her muscles. It’s weird.


Age: 20

Occupation: Lyte Brigade guild member, wandering mercenary

Likes: Weapons in general, “Astraea & Orm”, places to sleep inversely proportional to the chance of getting eaten by wolves in said places

Dislikes: wolves, furniture not intended for use by Amazons, learning that most people seem to think Amazons enjoy boiling people alive and using their bones for witchcraft

“Falcata has experienced a great deal of culture shock in her travels outside the Decapolis. The other peoples of Realmgard lack much of the rigid discipline of her own people, and tend to be much less tall than the towering Amazons. It has been many months since she has sat down in a chair made to accommodate a woman of her stature or slept in the bed that her feet don’t dangle off the end of.

However, as a result of years of regimented, tightly-disciplined training, Falcata is able to face such inconvenience and discomfort with minimal complaint. Though many nights spent out of doors has left her with a deep-seated dislike of wolves.”

And also Sally…

Sally Lyte & Count Bunnyescu.
She demands that Count Bunnyescu be acknowledged.


Age: 7

Occupation: Chess prodigy/hustler, clingy little sister

Likes: Count Bunnyescu, chess, lulling her opponents into a false sense of security

Dislikes: those who fail to show Count Bunnyescu the proper deference, basil, sleeping in her own bed

“As the youngest member of a large, very busy family, Sally is often left to her own devices. This is an arrangement that largely suits her so long as she has Count Bunnyescu close by. These periods of solitude in out-of-the-way corners of her family’s inn have allowed Sally to practice and hone her chess skills, beginning when she found an old set of her grandfather’s tucked away in a box.

Despite her young age age, Sally has both quickly developed a deep interest and keen knack for chess. She has quickly learned that she can turn her perceived inexperience and cuteness against her opponents, invariably letting them win the first match before invariably crushing them with ruthless inefficiency in the rematch.

Her elder siblings’ reinstatement of the Lyte Brigade has given Sally access to a whole new group of opponents to try out this strategy on.”

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