Another Giveaway!

I’m involved in another pretty cool giveaway.

So, you’ll remember, I hope that I’m involved in a Percy Jackson-themed giveaway:

Promotional art for a "Percy Jackson" themed giveaway.
Giveaway runs until October 12. Click here for full details. Open to US Residents only.

Well, as it happens, another Fiction-Atlas giveaway I’m involved in has just started.

This one is YA Fantasy-themed and runs until November 6.

Promotional art for a Young Adult Fantasy giveaway.

It’s the same general concept: you sign up to follow me and some other authors and each follow gets you entries to win the prizes you see in that image up there.

The link to the contest is here. You can find the full rules there, too, but the big thing to note is that this giveaway is also only open to US Residents.

So, please do participate in either or both of those giveaways to support me and some other talented, good-looking authors.

Or even just follow me without taking part in the giveaway:

Sign-up for my email newsletter here.


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