“Fryte’s Gold” Now Free on Smashwords

The first Realmgard story, now available for free.

The cover art of "Fryte's Gold."

As a quick reminder, I plan to release The Alchemist of Middlesbrooke as a free ebook, but I’m still working out the logistics of that. So far, I’m thinking I’ll make a version available on Smashwords and then go from there.

Upon further consideration, I’ve also decided to make Fryte’s Gold available for free. Again, I’m not sure what all of my options are, but the Smashwords ebook is now free.

Link here.

A print version is still available on Amazon, if that’s more your speed, but Amazon print books can’t be made available for free.

Link here (Canada) and here (US)

And, of course, several of my stories are now available right here —

Dunstana Darkstone, grinning and giving a thumbs-up.

— on realmgard.com!

And a chapter is posted each and every Friday!

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