Two Current Giveaways

Apparently, I forgot to post this one after I wrote it. But here it is: two Fantasy-themed giveaways for you.

Thanks to the good people at Fiction-Atlas, I’m involved in two Fantasy-themed giveaways.

They both work the same way: you sign up to follow me and some other talented authors, that gets your entries in the draw for a chance to win some pretty cool free stuff.

Please do note that these giveaway are open only to US Residents.

The first is a Percy Jackson-themed giveaway.

Promotional art for a "Percy Jackson" themed giveaway.

This one runs until October 11, and you can find the link to sign up here.

Promotional Art for a Young Adult Fantasy-themed giveaway.

The second is a more general YA Fantasy-themed giveaway and runs until November 6. The link is here.


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