Percy Jackson Giveaway Conclusion

A big Thank You to everyone who signed up.

Promotional material for the Fiction-Atlas Percy Jackson Giveaway.

So, the giveaway I mentioned several times now has wrapped up. The winner will be announced tomorrow (well, tomorrow UK time, that’ll still be today in my time zone) and I’ll post that here in case that winner is you.

A big thank you from me and all the other participating authors to everyone who signed up.

And don’t forget that I’m involved in another on-going giveaway:

Promotional art for a Young Adult Fantasy giveaway.

Once again, the obligatory reminder that these giveaways are, at this point, open only to US Residents.

If you want to follow me without signing up for the giveaway, you can follow me via social media and my email list here:

Sign-up for my email newsletter here.


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