Giveaway Reminders

Updates on recent, ongoing, and upcoming giveaways I’m involved in.

So, quick update on the recent and current Fiction-Atlas giveaways that are relevant to Realmgard and its readers:

  1. The winner of the Percy Jackson giveaway has not been announced yet. My suspicion is that Fiction-Atlas is having trouble getting into contact with the winner, but I’m pretty much in the dark here. I’ll reach out to Fiction-Atlas if there’s no announcement soon and report to you.
  2. The Young Adult Fantasy giveaway runs until November 6. Link here:
Promotion art for the Young Adult Fantasy giveaway.
US Residents only. Sign-up and full details here.

3. There’s a Lord of the Rings giveaway coming up down the pipeline, but no solid ETA yet for when that’s going live. Much like my publication schedule, it’ll happen when it happens…

Stayed tuned. And you can do that by following me:

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