The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: November 11

“Famous in both deed and facial hair, Quintus Marcellinus Styracosaurus has gone down in history as one of Realmgard’s most beloved and revered heroes.”

The Life & Times of
Quintus Marcellinus Styracosaurus

An illuminated manuscript of Quintus Marcelllinus Styracosaurus, a bearded Elf soldier.
Quintus Marcellinus Styracosaurus as depicted in a later illuminated manuscript.

Famous in both deed and facial hair, Quintus Marcellinus Styracosaurus has gone down in history as one of Realmgard’s most beloved and revered heroes.

His legacy has endured down to the present day and the Elven hero remains a popular subject in paintings, poems, and even puppet shows.

Living on the cusp of the Elven Empire’s golden age and dominion of nearly the entire continent of Realmgard, Quintus Marcellinus Styracosaurus was a distant cousin of the ruling Imperial dynasty and born into a fairly minor noble family.

The talented and charismatic Styracosaurus quickly rose through the ranks of the Imperial army and was soon recognised as one the Empire’s elite generals. Under his leadership, the Elven conquest of Gallicantu was completed and Styracosaurus became famous not only for his decisive military victory, but also for the mercy and magnanimity displayed to his defeated enemies. In exchange for oaths of friendship to the Emperor, many of the defeated Gallicantien chieftains were allowed to retain their lands and status and the victorious Styracosaurus remained well-respected by his erstwhile adversaries in Gallicantu.

Styracosaurus remained largely detached from the politics of Imperialis throughout his life, navigating the morass of political intrigues in the capital by refusing to get involved in the first place and being viewed by his contemporaries as a man of unimpeachable character and — remarkably for a prominent, powerful Elven leader — a man of minimal ambition.

Despite being offered wealth, land, and political power by members of the Senate and the ruling Emperors, Styracosaurus ultimately retired to a life of happy obscurity on a turnip farm.

Styracosaurus’ most famous deed came after his retirement.

While the countryside of Natalis was being terrorised by the monstrous Turnip-Thing of Aquae Celeres — a turnip monster somehow imbued with malevolent sentience and insatiable hunger. The Empire turned to its greatest living hero, both for his well-known valour and his expertise in the ways of turnips gained in his retirement years.

Styracosaurus answered the call and took up his sword and armour once more to battle with the Turnip-Thing. The battle between Elf and Turnip(-thing) has been much-embellished in the ensuing centuries, with the most popular version of tale saying that their fight lasted nine days and nine nights, raged all across Natalis, and is responsible for the creation of several prominent landmarks in the region.

Regardless of later poetic liberties, it is true that Styracosaurus vanquished the Turnip-Thing of Aquae Celeres, allowing the people of the town to eat well on turnip stew for several months. Once again, Styracosaurus refused any great reward for his valiant deeds and retired back to a life of obscurity.

Styracosaurus is also notable as one of the Empire’s first prominent bearded Elves. The Elves’ long-standing, but largely cultural, aversion to facial hair has led to the similarly long-standing misconception that Elves are physiologically incapable of growing beards. Thanks to Styracosaurus’ prominence, beards became fashionable among the Empire’s elite, though Styracosaurus looms large in history as the Bearded Elf.

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