The History of Realmgard in 30 Days: Closing Out the Month

30 Days of History done. Good job, me.

As promised, “Week 4” of my 30 Days of History is ten or so days long and, of course, closes out the month of November.

If you missed them, here’s the first three weeks:

November 22: The Realmgardic Period

November 23: Castle Ansaangar

November 24: The Three Great Sages

November 25: The Great Siege of Northgate

November 26: The Kingdom of Aurora

November 27: Saint Artemio

November 28: Middelmere, Gallicantu, and the Century’s War

November 29: The Disputation of the Baker’s Dozens

November 30: The Wolf Knights of Mount Lykos

And, if you’re interested in more of these month-long writing things I do (I aim to do one every quarter), those are here:

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