ICYMI: Art of Sharks

I like sharks.

Now, I, like many people picked up a new hobby during 2020 when we were all locked down —

As handily illustrated by recording-setting WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos.

— and trying to stave off the inevitable onset of becoming isolated and weird or flying kites at night.

As for me, I started learning how to draw — emphasis on “trying.”

And one of my first major projects was the Sharks of Realmgard:

A poster depicting the sharks of Realmgard.

Now, some of these are real species, and the others are purely fanciful J.B. Normanisms.

Left to right, top to bottom that’s the whale shark, the great white shark, the cat shark, the goblin shark, the bull shark, the long shark, the tiger shark, the Turboshark, the double shark, the tiny shark, and the walking shark.

All of that Latin (technically, Elven) is grammatically correct, but not the real-world scientific names, just direct translations of the common English names.

For example: the bull shark’s scientific name is Carcharhinus leucas, which means something like “sharp-nosed pale one” and the sand tiger is, confusingly, Carcharias taurus, which is something like “bull with sharp edges.” Yeah, it’s not the bull shark that has the Latin word for ‘bull’ in its name.

Take it up with Linnaeus, I guess.

FYI: Sharks are easier to draw than people.

In large part thanks to not having hands.

I’ve got more art here.

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