The Perfect Christmas Gift

Trust me, your friends and loved ones want J.B. Norman by the barrelful. Several times over.

Now, if your friends and loved one want one thing, I think we can safely assume that it’s:

The Simpsons: Disney and Gracie Films.

Just, uh, replace “Bart” with, um “Realmgard”, I guess…

Which is to say, you should buy everyone you know a copy of my books. Or several.

And, incidentally, the new revised and improved The Sisters Darkstone is the perfect place to start: compiling the first three Realmgard stories, plus previews of the next several in one handy volume.

The cover of "The Sisters Darkstone."

But, also, if you’re looking for a gift for yourself, why not pick up a free ebook of Fryte’s Gold on Smashwords?

A blurb about Fryte's Gold: "Once, Captain JONATHAN FRYTE was feared as the greatest pirate in all of Realmgard. Now, more than a hundred years later, they still tell stories about his lost treasure, a great haul of gold beyond imagining "No- one was ever found it. Enter the SISTERS DARKSTONE, the young pirate DUNSTANA and the freelance adventurer KAT. This dauntless pair is no stranger to adventure or the perils lurking in Realmgard. "With a lot of courage and a little luck, these sisters may just be the first to find the resting place of FRYTE'S GOLD."

And you could always just check out my most recent online story:

The cover of "Charge of the Lyte Brigade."

Or just at least do me a favour a follow me here, or on social media, or via my email list:

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