Proof of Concept: Imperator Brumalias a la Red-Figure Pottery

I think I overreached here…

So, what we learned yesterday is that the Amazon version of Uncle Wintermorn is Imperator Brumalis, he rides a panther, has thirteen warrior women for bodyguards, and gifts Amazon girls with strength and courage and occasionally sweaters.

He looks something like this:

A red-figure style image of a man riding a leopard-like big cat.

Given the ongoing Greco-Roman connection with the Amazons, I decided to have a go at making my first image of Imperator Brumalis look like Greco-Roman pottery, specifically the red-figure style.

I think I overreached here…

Incidentally, especially in the context of Greek mythology, “panther” doesn’t actually refer to a single species — while “panther” is used as a common name for the black panther and the Florida panther, “black panther” properly refers to black-furred leopards or jaguars and Florida panthers are properly North American cougars that happen to live in Florida.

In real life, “panther” is basically “non-specific big cat”, to the point that the genus of big cats is panthera. In the context of folkloric and mythological, a “panther” is either a vaguely-described legendary big cat that is usually said to be either multi-coloured or spotted like a real leopard, or some sort of weird composite beast, as seen, for example, in the coat of arms of Styria.

Also, given who hard this is turning out to be, I made a major mistake giving Imperator Brumalis thirteen sidekicks…

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