Heads Up: Might Get Frozen Out

… Literally

So, you’ve probably heard of the big storm – I believe classified as a Class-3 Killstorm – that’s basically enveloped the eastern half of the continent.

And, well, we’re in said eastern half, so we’re in the middle of that storm right now. And, like, we’re all fine here (how are you?).

Point being: having the power knocked out is well within the realm of possibility — and we already did lose power for an hour overnight. Which means, I might not get the last two Christmas Week writings posted.

So, if those posts don’t go live in time and/or I appear to have dropped off the face of the earth, it’s because we’ve got no power.

Good luck to everyone else in the middle of this storm. Hope you and your families are all safe and that your Christmas can proceed as normal.


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