ICYMI: The Encyclopedia Realmgardica

More than you ever wanted to know about the characters of Realmgard.

So, I’m sure people are still basically fully embroiled in the Holidays (incidentally, Merry Happy!). And that includes me, so I doubt it’s going to be a very productive next few days on my end, or a very blog reading-centric few days on yours.

I do still want to be posting daily, but, realistically, I’m probably going to be investing as little effort into that as possible this week…

So, hey, it’s a perfect time to reintroduce you to the Encyclopedia Realmgardica — a record of more than you ever wanted to know about the characters of Realmgard!

It’s update regularly and, honestly, probably getting to the point where I should be dividing into sub-pages so it’s less daunting and slow to load…

The frontispiece of the Encyclopedia Realmgardica.
Personifications of Scientia (“Science”, but also validly translated as something closer to “Study” or “Education”) and Historia (“History”, but also something like “Inquiry” or “Account”)


The Family Darkstone

The Lyte Brigade

The Pirates of Realmgard

The Burghers of Porthaven

The Burghers of Middlesbrooke

Villains, Bandits & Other Assorted Heels of Realmgard

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