Charge of the Lyte Brigade Story Page

Basically the same as yesterday’s post, only I stayed up WAY too late doing this…

Welp, I spend too many hours last night putting together the story page for Charge of the Lyte Brigade. Which means you can easily catch up on the story by visiting said page:

And, then, funny story — well, no, not funny, so much as inciting a rage not seen since the fury of the twelve berserkers of Hrolf Kraki — my Internet, useless piece of useless, unreliable garbage that it is, decided to just up and stop working after I spent too many hours and stayed up way too late after I finished all this and tried to schedule the post.

But I’m not even in a murderous rage mad about it. A man of my poise and character? No, sir. Not even a little.


Also, consider doing me a solid and buying a copy on Amazon or Smashwords.

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Happy New Year.


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