Writing Re-Visited: New Year’s with the Lyte Brigade

“We did it, Count Bunnyescu! We stayed up until midnight! Happy New Year!”

Once again, Happy New Year, everybody!

Falcata and Pela in festive New Year's hats.
Pela’s not actually celebrating the New Year, she’s just happy to be tall for once.

Here’s the Lyte Brigade celebrating the New Year in Porthaven, which I wrote for New Year’s last year.


All the bells in Porthaven ring at midnight to herald the arrival of the new year, and Nolan feels bad for all the city’s dogs, sleeping babies, and easily-startled inhabitants.

The peal of the bells and the cheers of her family and the members of the Lyte Brigade make Sally Lyte snap back to wakefulness. She leaps to her feet and hugs her beloved stuffed rabbit close.

“We did it, Count Bunnyescu!” Sally exclaims happily. “We stayed up until midnight! Happy New Year!”


She glances around the party, finds that the first few minutes of a new year are less impressive than she’d hoped. She gives Count Bunnyescu a kiss, curls up on the couch and closes her eyes.


Meanwhile, Nolan smiles at his guildmates and family members, gathered in the dining room of his parents’ in to ring in the new year. Though he didn’t expect to be doing it quite so literally. He doesn’t remember this many bells from last year.












Nolan heaves a heavy sigh and waits for the bells to stop ringing.

“I—” he ventures, pre-emptively pausing before the bells can interrupt him.

The rest of the guild and family Lyte stare expectantly at him.

“Yes?” Amara says.

“I just wanted to—”


“Seriously?” Nolan exclaims, raises his eyes skyward in consternation.

“My fault,” Pela says bashfully from over the rim of the pot of meatballs. “Sorry. There are still a few left at the bottom of the pot.”

“So, anyway,” Nolan continues, “we had a good year, a great year. And I just know that the Lyte Brigade is going to accomplish even more this year. And I’m looking forward to sharing that with all of you. And I— Tancred, are you crying?”

The young knight nods as he dabs his eyes with his frilly cuffs. “It’s just moves the heart so to know that I stand in the company of such loyal friends and companions,” he says.

Standing beside him, Falcata wordlessly puts a consoling hand on his shoulder.

“Thank you, Miss Falcata,” he says, reaching up to pat the Amazon’s hand.

“I’m happy to be doing this whole guild thing with all of you too,” Matilda agrees. She smirks at her brother. “Even you, Nolan.”

Nolan indignantly throws up his hands.

“I made you my Assistant Captain!” he protests.

Sally snuggles close to Count Bunnyescu, holding the doll close as she rolls over on the couch.

“Hi, Amara,” she murmurs in her sleep. “I think my brother likes you.”

Amara blushes and decides to pretend that she didn’t hear that.

Nolan chuckles nervously and attempts to hide himself behind one of his mother’s potted plants.


“Stupid meatballs,” Pela growls. “Get on my fork!”

Once again, ladies and gentleman: Nolan Lyte, smoothest man in Realmgard.

A very happy New Year 2023 to one and all.

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