Music to Write Realmgard to: The Official Playlist

The official J.B. Norman-endorsed Realmgard playlist — mostly Metal, some singing robots.

As promised way back when I started posting my Music to Write Realmgard to, here it is as a playlist:

At this point, it’s only the songs that I’ve actually done write-ups for, but sooner than later — like, as early as some point tonight — I’m going to start adding more songs from the artists that are already on there and then keep plugging away at adding more songs to the list and write-ups, right here —

Dunstana Darkstone grinning and giving a thumbs-up.

— on!

So, stay tuned.

FYI, the songs on the playlist so far are as follows:

  1. Tres BrujasThe Sword
  2. Regin Smiður Týr
  3. Winged Hussars Sabaton
  4. Stormbringer Deep Purple
  5. Black ThunderThe Hu
  6. And Then There Was SilenceBlind Guardian
  7. GodzillaBlue Öyster Cult
  8. Byzantium (The Ancient Era)
    [Kontakion of the Mother of God] Civilization VI Soundtrack
  9. Ieva’s PolkaKorpiklaani
  10. Wanderer Ensiferum
  11. SenbonzakuraWagakkiBand [originally performed by Hatsune Miku]
  12. TotentanzFranz Liszt
  13. Lullaby of TakedaYoshida Brothers
  14. Santiana The Longest Johns
  15. A Drop of Nelson’s Blood The Jolly Rogers
  16. The Battle of EvermoreLed Zeppelin
  17. The Great GatheringBattlelore
  18. Captain KiddGreat Big Sea

With more to come soon.

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