Writing Revisited: It is not the Floor which is made of Lava, but Ourselves

“We’re gonna have to jump!”

Dunstana has been bored lately.

Her ship is in for repairs, so she can’t do any of her regular pirate things. Kat and her parents have been saying that she’s been going stir-crazy — and then Kat has been pointing out that she’s normally just crazy-crazy.

Without her ship, Dunstana has been thinking up new ways to entertain herself.

“Ginger, look out!” Dunstana calls. “The floor is made of lava!”

“W-what?” Ginger gasps. “Oh no!”

“It’s not really lava,” Dunstana explains. “But that would be pretty cool. It’s just a game.”

“I don’t think I like this game,” Ginger mutters, leaping onto the plaid couch after Dunstana.

“We need to get over there,” Dunstana says, pointing across the living room.

“Okay. How do we get there?” Ginger asks.

Dunstana grins.

“We’re gonna have to jump!” she says, leaping onto the footstool in front of the couch, sliding across the table in the middle of the room and jumping for the couch on the opposite side of the room.

She turns back to Ginger. “See? Easy-peasy.”

Ginger’s jaw drops. She’s glad the floor isn’t really lava, but she does went to get melted, even for pretend. Going much more slowly and carefully than Dunstana, she managed to clamber across the furniture and join Dunstana on the couch.

She takes the last jump, just barely making it to the couch before teetering precariously on the edge.

“Oh no!” she exclaims.

“Don’t worry. I’ve got you!” Dunstana grabs her hand and hauls her up.

“Th-thanks,” Ginger mutters.

“Good job, Ginger,” Dunstana says. “We’re almost there. We just have to get to—”

“What is going on in here?” Kat asks, striding into the living room in hopes of a quick nap on her beloved plaid couch.

“Oh no!” Dunstana exclaims. “It’s a Lavasaurus! Run for it!”

Kat stares blankly at her sister as Dunstana hauls herself up onto the chair’s armrest and gets ready to jump.

“We’re playing the Floor is Made of Lava,” Ginger explains.

“Of course you are,” Kat mutters.

“I’m not sure what a Lavasaurus is, though,” Ginger continues.

“Its like a Regularsaurus, but it’s lava,” Dunstana calls over her shoulder as he leaps onto the plaid couch.

“What are you doing to my couch?” Kat exclaims in horror as Dunstana hurls herself at the couch.

“Jumping on it,” Dunstana answers.

“You’re messing up the cushions!” Kat protests. “You’re going to break it!”

“You’re going to break you,” Ginger notes.

“It’s fine,” Dunstana insists. “We’ll be careful.”

“This is the complete opposite of careful!” Kat protests.

Kat starts stalking across the living room in pursuit of her sister.

“Look out, Ginger!” Dunstana says. “The Lavasaurus is going to get us!”

“Don’t worry, Ginger,” Kat says as she chases after her sister. “I’m only going to get her!

“No fair,” Dunstana mutters.

Estelle comes into the room. “I’ve made snack for you and Ginger,” she tells Dunstana.

“Can’t eat now, Mom. The floor is made of lava and the Lavasaurus is trying to get me.”

“That’s nice, dear,” Estelle says.

“The floor is lava, Mom!” Dunstana notes. “You’re going to burn up!”

“Oh, it’s alright, dear. I’m wearing my asbestos slippers,” Estelle answers.

Looks like Ginger and Dunstana are gonna have to jump.

Two people jumping, silhouetted against the sunset.
Close enough.
Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.com

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