Monday Writing: Yet More Multiverses

It’s Dunstanas all the way down, across, and along at least most of the diagonals!

Once again, a Happy LocationDependent February Holiday Monday!

And, once again, here’s a multiverse story.

“Hey!” Dunstana exclaims. “They look like us!”

Kat follows her sister’s eagerly pointing finger. She stares across the street and finds two oddly-familiar figures staring back.

The older one has red hair and is dressed like a pirate, like a bigger Dunstana. The younger one is dressed in black and has a ponytail, like a little Kat.

“Hey!” the little one says, looking up to the big one. “They look like us!”

Still staring raptly at each other, the two pairs of sisters cross the street and meet in the middle. The consternation of a man with a cart full of waterlemons.

“My name’s Dunstana,” the older one of the two other sisters says. “This is my little sister Kat.”

“That’s my name,” the other Dunstana says. “And this is my big sister Kat.”

The two pairs of Sisters Darkstone stand blinking in amazement at each other.

“Gross!” the big Dunstana says. “I’m the little one.”

“Gross,” the big Kat says, rather more sedately. “I’m the little one.”

“Cool!” the little Dunstana exclaims. “I’m the big one!”

“Cool,” the little Kat says, rather more sedately. “I’m the big one.”

“Hey!” the normal-sized Dunstana says happily. “You’re more us-es! Let me guess, you ended up here after you tried kicking an Orb of Infinite Translocation over your house!”

“…No,” the big Dunstana mutters, a blush creeping into her cheeks.

“Yes,” the little Kat says with a nod.

“Did you at least manage to get it over the house?” the little Dunstana asks.

The big Dunstana scoffs. “Of course I did.”

“Yeah,” the little Kat notes. “But it only took fifteen tries. And then it exploded. And now we’re here.”

The big Kat glances between the two Dunstanas. “I guess somethings just don’t change in any universe.”

“H-hey,” big Dunstana says. “I’ll have you know I’m a full member of the Brotherhood of the Coasts. I am a mature, responsible —”

“She still sleeps with Princess Moonflower dolls!” the little Kat blurts out.

The little Dunstana between the two parallel Sisters Darkstone. “I don’t see the issue.”

“We should get ice cream!” the little Dunstana exclaims. “We can talk about how our universes are different!”

“We should get ice cream,” the big Dunstana agrees.

“So, hey,” the little Dunstana asks. “Is your universe, like, really weird? Is everything backwards? Do people wear hats on their feet?”

“Obviously not,” the little Kat notes, pointing to the big Dunstana’s hat located, as it is in this universe, on her head.

“Maybe your universe is the weird one,” the big Dunstana counters. “I bet the sheep look after the shepherds in this universe.”

“Well, like, I haven’t met every sheep in this universe, so I don’t know,” the little Dunstana notes. “But, no, I’ve never seen that happen.”

“Well, then, do sandwiches eat people?” big Dunstana asks.

“Oh, man!” the little Dunstana exclaims. “That would be so cool! We’d have to fight the sandwiches every time we wanted lunch!”

“Is she always like this?” the little Kat asks the big one.

“Oh, yeah,” the big Kat says. “Yours?”

The little Kat nods. “Sometimes, it’s like I have to babysit her. I’m five years younger!”

It’s Dunstanas all the way down, across, and along at least most of the diagonals!

But, seriously, multiverses are still dumb.

Anyway, more short scenes here. This week’s chapter here:

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