Fryte’s Gold Epilogue

And there you have it, the first Realmgard story done and dusted.

The Sisters Darkstone emerge triumphant!

Time for post-adventure cookies with Kat, Dunstana, and Ginger.


Copyright 2021-2022 J.B. Norman

Whenever she and Kat get back from an adventure, Dunstana always looks forward to telling her best friend about it.

And not just because there’s usually cookies — that’s just a bonus from having a best friend from a family of bakers.

As she hears all about Dunstana’s latest adventure, two things occur to Ginger Breadman.

First, adventures seem scary and she never wants to have any adventures of her own. Never ever.


Second, she has no idea what Dunstana is talking about, or why she’s so excited about it.

“So, anyways,” Dunstana is saying, “after we found the way inside Captain Fryte’s hideout, there was some rats.”

She scoops up another armful of cookies from the plate Ginger brought over.

“Thanks for the cookies, by the way. And after that —” she continues through a mouthful of cookies “— Kat stepped on a thing that turned the floor into a slide.”

“That is not what happened!” Kat insists from her position lounging on her beloved plaid couch. “And leave some of those cookies for me!”

“That part was pretty fun,” Dunstana concludes. “And then Kat locked herself in a room and I had to save her.”

“That is not what happened!”

Ginger stares blankly from behind her glasses at her best friend.

“Wait,” she says as Dunstana stops to take a rare breath. “Dunstana, who’s Captain Fryte?”

Now it’s Dunstana’s turn to stare blankly.

Who’s Captain Fryte?” she repeats incredulously. “Seriously, Ginger? I must have told you all about it at least a million times! Wait here.”

Still muttering in disbelief, Dunstana darts out of the living room of Darkstone Manor, around the corner and up the stairs to her room.

“Don’t worry, Ginger,” Kat says from the couch. “I didn’t know, either.”

Dunstana comes running back into the living room with her trusty Big Book of Pirates tucked under her arm. She sets the book down on the table in the centre of the room and flips through the pages.

She waves Ginger over and emphatically points to the image on the page.

“See, Ginger? Him! Captain Fryte!”

Ginger nods and pretends to be interested.

“Captain Fryte was one of the best pirates, like, ever,” Dunstana explains.

“And he had a lot of gold. And then me and Kat met him and he let us have some gold. But we had to fight some skeletons and a dragon, first. And he almost dropped Kat down a hole.”

Chasm,” Kat says.

Ginger shivers and the colour drains from her freckled face.




A dragon?

“Oh,” Ginger says. “That sounds —”

“And he was a ghost, too,” Dunstana adds like it’s no big deal.

“That sounds scary,” Ginger mutters.

Dunstana leaps to her feet in excitement. “Are you kidding? It was awesome!

“It was awful,” Kat groans, covering her face with one of the cushions from her couch.

“We go through all that, and we don’t even get any of the treasure!”

“But I though you said that he gave you the treasure,” Ginger says.

Dunstana nods. “He did.”

“But then Mom made us put it in the bank!” Kat laments, pressing the couch cushion more tightly over her face to scream into it.

“And we don’t get it back until we’re twenty-one! I had big plans for that treasure!”

Dunstana turns to Ginger. “She wanted to buy all-you-can eat lunches for a whole month.”

“Shut up, Dunstana,” Kat says through the cushion over her face.

“Oh,” Ginger says. “That’s too bad.”

She decides to offer Kat the only help she can think of. She slides the plate of cookies closer to Kat.

And there you have it, the first Realmgard story done and dusted.

Come back next week for Chapter 1 of the next Realmgard story, The Treasure of Oake Island.

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