Christmas Week 2022 Writing

I was bored and in a festive mood the week of Christmas 2022, so I did seven days of Christmas (well, technically Wintermorn) themed writing to mark the holiday.

Day 1:
Regional Variations on a Theme, Uncle Wintermorn

Santa and a baby.
Photo by cottonbro studio on

Day 2:

Nolan Lyte: Smoothest Man in Realmgard

A shrimp cocktail.
Image by Jon Sullivan. Via Wikimedia Commons.
Released to Public Domain by original author.

Day 3:
Wintermorn in Middlesbrooke

The Middlesbrooke Realmgard characters in festive hats.
Art by me.

Day 4:
Wintermorn with Myra & the Red Wolves

A parrot.
Photo by Tim Mossholder on

Day 5:

Dunstana Darkstone in a Santa costume.
Art by me.

Day 6:
Why Do Younger Siblings Happen to Good People? On Wintermorn.

A pile of Christmasy pillows.
Photo by Pixabay on

Day 7:
Troll the Ancient Yuletide Carol

Three Trolls in Santa hats, with the caption "Troll the Ancient Yuletide Carol."
Art by me.

Merry Wintermorn to one and all. Except you, Clive.

You know what you did.

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