Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Agricola

Martinus Agricola

“Very good, Sir.”

A picture of Agricola, standing respectfully.
Age: 50
Occupation: valet, trusted confidant
Likes: to be of service, loyalty, poise & dignity, dry, sedate humour
Dislikes: vulgarity, insults to the honour of the Duke and his household, spicy food

Wife: Beatrix
Son: Desideratus
Daughters: Carlota, Flavia, Marcellina
Employer/Liege Lord: Duke Charles of Middlesbrooke

Immaculately dressed: all day, every day
Invented his own method of: folding napkins with 87% more efficiency
The eye patch: is just there to make him look cool

A lifelong vassal of Duke Charles of Middlesbrooke, hailing from a family that has served the ruling Dukes of Middlesbrooke for generations, Martinus Agricola is the current valet of Duke Charles and is in charge of managing the Duke’s household staff. Agricola is a trusted friend and confidant of the Duke and is viewed with esteem and affection by the Duke’s family and wards.

While a loyal vassal and trusted friend of Duke Charles, Agricola is also a happily-married family man and father of four. In recent years, Agricola has learned to improve his work-life balance, devoting more time to his family. The Duke himself played no small part in this, assuring Agricola that he is, in fact, capable of taking care of himself.

Agricola is, above all, devoted to three things: the Duke, his own family, and looking as utterly professional and well-groomed as possible, ensuring that his suits are always spotless and perfectly pressed, topping off his ensemble with a patch worn over his right eye.

Though Agricola has never been seen without his eye patch, there is no agreement over the circumstances of the loss of his eye. In fact, his eye is fine. He just wears the eye patch to look cool, and a self-imposed challenge in performing his duties for the Duke.

Interestingly, due to the particularities of Elven grammar, Agricola’s family name is one of the few Elven names to use the same form when referring to both male and female members of the family.