Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Amara Valda

Amara Valda

“Katherine, dear. Chew with your mouth closed, please. And, by the Powers, use your napkin.”

Amara Valda, standing with her hands on her hips.
Age: 15
Occupation: debutante, professional Best Friend
Likes: Kat, etiquette, fashion, noblesse oblige
Dislikes: the ill-mannered, bandits, not having a mother

Father: Marcellinus Valdus
Mother: Dulce Valda (deceased)
Twin Brother: Cyprian Valdus
Uncle: Titus Valdus (Captain of the Guard, Goldharbour)

Prized possession: Her mother’s emerald necklace
Utterly humourless about: proper manners and etiquette, which fork to use when
Prone to: indignation

Scion of a very old, very prestigious family, Amara Gemina Valda is the lifelong best friend of Kat Darkstone — and is, for all intents and purposes, an honorary member of the Darkstone family.

All things considered, this is a rather unlikely turn of events, given that the Valdi are a well-established, much-respected family of nobles and the Darkstones have traditionally been a family of vagrants, thieves, and pirates.

Losing her mother to illness at a young age has left Amara fiercely loyal to her friends and family (especially Kat) and obsessively protective of the emerald necklace bequeathed to her by her mother.

Following the loss of her own mother, Amara has become especially close with Kat’s mother Estelle, coming to see her as a surrogate mother figure.

Exacting by nature and well-versed in social mores after many years of etiquette school, Amara is not one to suffer fools or the ill-mannered and is one to let said fools and ill-mannered individuals know it. However, despite her sharp tongue and short temper, Amara is nevertheless magnanimous enough to find a level of patience for those who at least make an effort to comport themselves with some level of dignity.

Even as her best friend, Kat is not entirely exempt from Amara’s attempts to spread poise and proper decorum throughout the world. Although Amara largely restricts herself to the occasional gentle nudge, or jab to the ribs, she continues to work towards the ultimate goal of making a proper lady out of her best friend.

She has been thus far unsuccessful.

Despite appearing aloof (and occasionally hostile), Amara has a keen sense of charity and civic duty, earnestly believing that it is her duty as a privileged noble to help others and better the world around her.

Amara prides herself on being well-connected, boasting of knowing everyone worth knowing in both Porthaven and Goldharbour (the traditional hometown of her family). These connections, coupled with her ability to make new connections, serve her well in her ambitions to do right by the people of Porthaven.