Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Apolline Castor

Apolline Castor

“We’ve been travelling together long enough and we’ve found ourselves in enough strange situations that one more is hardly going to make me think any less of you.”

Apolline, carrying some books and looking thoughtful.
Age: 24
Occupation: Noblewoman, sorceress, adventurer
Likes: magic, peaceful conflict resolution, a rigorous skincare regimen, moose
Dislikes: violence, disagreement, stubborn stains

Father: Baron Lucien Castor
Mother: Baroness Josephine Castor
Brother: Blaise Castor

Speaks: five languages
Hat: comfy
Somehow manages: to keep her clothes perpetually clean

Second child and only daughter of a mid-level Aurorean nobleman and former ambassador of the kingdom to various regions of Realmgard, Apolline Jehanne Castor has been familiar with travelling across Realmgard long before she ever decided to make a career of it.

Apolline’s frequent travels across Realmgard as a young girl have acquainted her with many of the cultures and customs of the continent and left her fluent in the continent’s most common languages. Additionally, she has been tutored by many of the finest local magical tutors in Realmgard.

Now travelling together with the lynx Wilderling Lucia Tormalina and the Half-Troll Amazon Petra of Fulminata, Apolline has taken on the de facto leadership role of the group, due to being the eldest of the three as well as the most widely-travelled. As the daughter of a diplomat from a kingdom well-known for the politeness and friendliness of its people, Apolline is also the trio’s go-to negotiator and often speaks on the group’s behalf.

However, when conflict is unavoidable, Apolline is able to bring to bear her impressive magical powers, specialising in traditional Aurorean ice magic. Though she prefers diplomacy to combat, whenever her only choice is to fight, Apolline will fight with the intensity to ensure that she and her companions win.

Despite living the life of an adventurer, Apolline often amazes her two companions with her seemingly insurmountable ability to keep her clothes spotless and unwrinkled.

Their working theory is that she uses her magic to do it.