Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Duke Charles of Middlesbrooke

Duke Charles IX of Middlesbrooke

He’s good people.

Duke Charles in full regalia, sitting on the Ducal throne of Middlesbrooke.
Age: 56
Occupation: Most Serene Duke of Middlesbrooke, philanthropist, amateur birdwatcher and art historian
Likes: his family, quiet moments to himself
Dislikes: that most other nobles are stuck-up jerks, that he doesn’t get many quiet moments to himself

Wife: Duchess Sofia of Middlesbrooke
Son: Alois von Middlesbrooke
Daughter: Agnes von Middlesbrooke
Wards: Roland and Alda

Full Title: verbose and overawing
Doesn’t: actually know what “Serenity” means
Secretly: a big softie

The thirty-first ruling Duke of Middlesbrooke and a direct descent of the famous Emperor Theobald, Duke Charles of Middlesbrooke is properly known as His Serenity, Theobald Charles IX Radbot Odo Wilhelm Theobalding von Middlesbrooke, Most Serene Duke of Middlesbrooke, followed by numerous other impressive-sounding titles of largely ceremonial and historical importance.

Despite the numerous other locations listed as dominions of the Duke of Middlesbrooke, present-day Middlesbrooke now claims little territory beyond the city of Middlesbrooke itself and its immediate environs. Duke Charles, however, does personally own several properties across Realmgard.

Duke Charles is well-known as a magnanimous and charitable ruler, funding many humanitarian projects within the Duchy and encouraging the other wealthy nobles of Middlesbrooke to do the same. Most notably, Duke Charles adopted two young orphans Roland and Alda as his wards.

This has been considered especially unusual (and by many, improper) as the Duke already had children of his own at the time. However, Duke Charles’ gentle nature and unflappable good humour saw that his wife and children welcomed his new wards into the household and came to view them as members of the family.

Visiting dignitaries to Middlesbrooke often note the Duke’s unassuming and easy-going nature despite his lofty lineage and his close friends note that he is approachable and even jovial in private. Though Duke Charles gets little time in private to pursue his hobbies, he is an enthusiastic — if unskilled — birdwatcher and amateur art historian. In fact, Duke Charles is one of the foremost donors of both the Art Galley of Middlesbrooke and the Fine Arts department of the University of Middlesbrooke and his recent critique of The Constancy of Styracosaurus has been well-received in Realmgard’s academic circles.

And not just because he is the reigning Duke of Middlesbrooke…