Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Eleonora Strahlend

Eleonora Strahlend
(née Holló)

“I’ve even got the translations of all your books. Even the infamous first edition of the Hrimfaxi translation of The Treasure of the Crypt King! It’s one of only fifty surviving copies. If I may, ma’am, I think it belongs in a museum.”

“It belongs in the trash.”

Eleonora Strahlend, a Goblin woman with glasses hugging her daughter Pela.
See here with daughter Pela.
Age: 41
Occupation: Retired adventurer, bestselling serial author, mother
Likes: Dwarven cooking, seeing her family succeed, the Porthaven Central Library
Dislikes: Obsessed fans, several early translations of her works

Husband: Gunther Strahlend
Daughter: Pela

Meticulous about: spelling and grammar
Works available in: no fewer than twelve languages
The J.B. Norman of: Porthaven

A successful adventurer until her late twenties, Eleonora Strahlend has since retired to the life of a writing, serialising popular stories based on her adventuring career. Ironically, she has since made more money off those stories than off the actual adventures which inspired them.

As a young woman, Eleonora met a Dwarven chef named Gunther Strahlend. Before long the two married and settled in Porthaven, having a daughter named Pela. Eleonora continued adventuring for several years after Pela’s birth before deciding that such a career posed too much risk for a wife and mother and kept her from her family too much.

Eleonora did not entirely forsake a life adventurer, though from that point on, her adventures were largely relegated to the realm of the fictional.

Always gifted with a pen and very particular about proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, transitioning to a life of writing seemed logical and her own adventures provided ample inspiration of a series of stories which have been serialised in magazines and journals all across Realmgard and beyond.

Though she prefers to keep a low profile with her husband and daughter, Eleonora’s stories have undeniably become something of an international sensation and her book signings are always well-attended by eager (and occasionally obsessive) fans.