Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Falcata of Theophano

Falcata of Theophano

“Would anyone else like to feel my muscles? Do it now, because you will not get another chance.”

Age: 20
Occupation: Lyte Brigade guild member, wandering mercenary
Likes: Weapons in general, “Astraea & Orm”, places to sleep inversely proportional to the chance of getting eaten by wolves in said places
Dislikes: wolves, furniture not intended for use by Amazons, learning that most people seem to think Amazons enjoy boiling people alive and using their bones for witchcraft

Father: Roderick Hattagerth
Mother: Lysistrata of Theophano
Sisters: Ursula and Aquilitta

Armed: to the teeth
Thews: iron
Doesn’t fit in: her bed

Daughter of an Amazon pharmacologist and the hat-maker from Hornsburg, Falcata of Theophano has, like many recent graduates of the formal training which all young Amazons received, struck out from the familiar lands of the Decapolis to explore the rest of Realmgard.

After several months of travelling across Realmgard, Falcata has recently arrived in the city of Porthaven and become the first new recruit of the recently re-established Lyte Brigade. As the only member of the guild with any formal training or adventuring experience, Falcata has quickly earned the respect of her guildmates.

And is the one the others tend to hide behind in a crisis…

In particular, Falcata has developed a deep bond with her Half-Goblin guildmate Pela, from whom she has become a trusted source of having things reached down tall shelves.

Falcata has experienced a great deal of culture shock in her travels outside the Decapolis. The other peoples of Realmgard lack much of the rigid discipline of her own people, and tend to be much less tall than the towering Amazons. It has been many months since she has sat down in a chair made to accommodate a woman of her stature or slept in the bed that her feet don’t dangle off the end of.

However, as a result of years of regimented, tightly-disciplined training, Falcata is able to face such inconvenience and discomfort with minimal complaint. Though many nights spent out of doors has left her with a deep-seated dislike of wolves.