Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Ginger Breadman

Ginger Breadman

“Dunstana, I have a spoon, and I’m not afraid to use it. So, please, just sit still and wait until I have a job for you.”

Ginger Breadman with a mixing bowl and a spoon.
Age: 8
Occupation: Baker’s daughter, Responsible One
Likes: Baking, Dunstana, Kat’s calming influence on Dunstana, peace and quiet
Dislikes: Dunstana’s latest crazy scheme, adventure in general
Father: Hector Breadman
Mother: Flora Breadman

Dunstana’s primary source of: cookies
Seldom-heeded voice of: reason
Adventure: not even once

As the daughter of bakers, that Ginger Breadman could serve as a reliable source of delicious goodies brought about the beginnings of a relationship with Dunstana Darkstone.

While initially motivated by access to free dessert, the relationship between the young pirate and the bakers’ daughter has since evolved into a sincere and steadfast bond of friendship.

That just so happens to include a steady supply of free dessert…

As the older of the two, Dunstana has taken it upon herself to serve as Ginger’s official unofficial big sister and protect her from everything at all costs. Except, perhaps, for her own desire to bring Ginger along on her latest adventure.

Unlike her best friend, Ginger is not the adventurous sort and is not often eager to leave the comfortable familiarity of her family bakery. In general, the most daring, adventurous thing she wants to do is try a new cake recipe. Of course, when Dunstana Darkstone is involved, even baking a cake becomes an adventure in itself.

Although Ginger has a deep dislike for adventure, she does nevertheless enjoying the opportunity to spend time with Dunstana and her sister Kat. Ginger admires Dunstana’s free spirit and determination. Similarly, she admires Kat’s cool, collected stoicism, physical skills — and, most of all, her ability to rein in Dunstana.

This has had a certain influence on the naturally shy and quiet Ginger, who is quickly gaining the confidence to stand up to her best friend’s wildest impulses. Which is, in turn, contributing to Dunstana’s burgeoning dislike of large, wooden spoons.

While not serving as an unwilling companion on their adventures, Ginger is more than happy to offer Dunstana and Kat whatever moral support they may need and is always there to welcome the Sisters Darkstone back from their latest daring deeds with something freshly-baked and delicious.