Encyclopedia Realmgardica: Jimena Orceador

Jimena Orceador

Piracy seemed inevitable. Though what was less likely was that she should end up as the first mate to a captain almost young enough to be her daughter.

Jimena Orceador standing at attention.
Age: 22
Occupation: First mate of the Porthaven Raiders
Likes: offering sober second thought,her grandfather
Dislikes: Feeling like the only adult onboard, getting hassled for having a ten-year-old boss, eggplant
Father: Rodrigo Orceador
Mother: Elvira Orceador (née Ximenez)
Grandfather: No-Tongue Ximenez

Good with: kids, knots, irresponsible adults
Has a famous: ancestor, grandfather
Basically the pirate version of: Kat Darkstone

Maternal granddaughter of — and named for — famous Pelayan pirate No-Tongue Ximenez, Jimena Mercuria Orceador was hired as a novice pirate by associate of her grandfather’s Dorian Darkstone to serve as the first mate aboard his daughter Dunstana’s ship, unaware at the time that Dunstana was a young girl. However, in light of her instant rapport with the little pirate, Jimena accepted the position and as been first mate of Dunstana’s Porthaven Raiders ever since.

By necessity something of a rigid disciplinarian in comparison to her captain’s mercurial free spirit, Jimena has become quite good at creatively interpreting Dunstana’s orders to deliver the most effective outcome. Similarly, she has a keen gift for offering alternatives to her young captain in such a way that Dunstana is able to claim them as her own ideas in the first place.

In addition to her famous grandfather, Jimena hails from a family which derives its name from a renowned warrior who famously slew a monstrous sea serpent known as an Orc. Her middle name is also an indirect reference to this act, borrowing from Duke Mercurio, another famous hero to slay an Orc.

Despite her lofty lineage, Jimena is a woman of few grand ambitions. She is content to remain a Porthaven Raider, but determined to shape the Raiders into the most effective and successful crew possible.